Sunday, June 7, 2009

Manhattan Beach in Southern California

Over the mountains, through the Angeles National Forest and down the 405 to Manhattan Beach in the South Bay of L.A. I felt as though I has traveled to another planet. The weather was sunny and the ocean breeze was brisk and refreshing. The Central Valley has palm trees. But when the palms are the landscaping for the ocean the effect is sublime - tropical not desert! The beach is lined with volley ball poles but the few were playing today. Folks down here call this season "June Gloom" and it feels chilly to many. I thought, after 90+ degree heat, it felt heavenly. Children were in the ocean water in spite of the breeze and surfers bobbed atop their boards waiting for the perfect wave. If you can navigate the traffic, the South Bay area is a must. Beaches are pretty, fun shops and places to eat and the people watching is interesting. This day was a treat in spite of the LA freeways!

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