Sunday, June 21, 2009

Buena Visita Aquatic Recreation Area

Traveled about 25 miles south west of Bakersfield off of Interstate 5 to see this man-made lakes area. There are three small lakes with recreational facilities including over-night camping. I was told to make reservations if I was planning to camp as this time of year the sites are often full. It is very pleasant and many families were there to celebrate Father's Day. Picnic tables, BBQ pits, some shade trees and swimming is allowed on one of the small and quiet lakes. During the less warm time of the year many birds migrate through here. I noticed the sound of many bird calls as well as bull frogs croaking. Their sounds add to the sense of being away from the urban areas.

More about this place later this week...

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  1. Oh my word! These photos just took my breath away. They brought tears to my eyes and I'm not fully sure why. I think it is because there is something so grippingly peaceful about them that they just reached in a clutched my heart. I love Nature and this ancient old planet and have spent much of my adult life in the wild. But the last 11 years I've spent in a small city. Although I hike in the local mountains and walk across the high desert on New Mexico, I miss living in a place with the wild right outside my door. I still love and see the abundant life all around me but there is something about living in miles of untouched "wildness". You have a beautiful home here. I am adding it to my RSS feed. Thank you for touching my heart. Robin