Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am Humbled...

This is a different shade of the flower in the last post. I find myself humbled by the simplicity of the bud and the complexity and organization of the entire blossom. Allowing oneself to be amazed and then remembering to be humble in the face of the Magnificent is a powerful experience.

It does not have to be the newest and biggest that man kind can produce. Gardens hold endless surprise. Even in the arid land of the Central Valley in June.

Looking at the organization of the flower from the underside ~


  1. These are really beautiful....such a lovely and intense color.

  2. ah, must be a crepe myrtle, largostroema or Pride of India, to give it the 3 titles I know it by...I enjoy it so much here in Australia too!
    Thanks for visiting my color purple challenge photos!

  3. Oh thank you for naming this plant! And for visiting from such a distance!