Monday, May 4, 2009

Odds and ends from Lake Isabelle to Glennville

The rocky terrain of the area around Lake Isabella is startling. A large lake surrounded by near desert. In fact, the desert and Red Rock Canyon lie just 30 or so more miles to the South East side of this mountain range. These mountains are a tiny barrier when one considers the enormity of the complete arid, dry heat that lives in the desert.

Thistle guards the gate at the damn - ready for all manner of climatic assault.
The forest is lush and green just beyond and up hill a few miles north west from Lake Isabella. But the clouds and rain are soon to disappear. The average rainfall in May is 1/2 inch and it is down hill to just about bone dry by the end of September. Then California begins to burn. The Firemen must dread it.
And a small reminder that these forests are home to all manner of creatures: great and small....

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