Monday, May 11, 2009

McKittrick and oil

Driving South and then West to find McKittrick takes one back to areas that are dry and barren. Bear in mind that argricultural areas are not more than 20 miles from here. In the far right hand corner you will see (through the haze of smog) telephone poles. Those poles in the the middle of what appears to be 'no where' are indications of oil activity out here the Central Valley.
The tiny town of McKittrick is home to the 2nd largest oil field in California. In 2007 the population was 190 and there are about 80 +/- homes. The town itself occupies about 2.6 square miles.
I took a photo that included the street sign "Reward" as that was once another small town mentioned in the book "Black Gold". Don't think Reward exists any longer. Perhaps the town folks work the oil fields here. The roads over the mountains to the west lead to the ocean - eventually.

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