Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day to Me and Thee

In honor of Mother's Day I'm posting a few last photos from last week's explore to this Blog. They represent two of the three of my favorite subjects: trees and horses.

I love trees. There is almost no vegetation let alone trees in the fenced spaced called 'my the back-yard'. So I relentlessly photograph images of trees. Sometimes the absence of trees at the rental house makes my heart ache. My computers slide shows are heavily loaded with photos all three of my "favorites": my delightful grown children, trees, and horses.
As for horses - I don't own or lease one. But I would be thrilled with either option. Wonderful animals. Instant stress relief just to groom one.

To slightly parapharse: "there is no poem as lovely as a..."
I'm off to exercise and then explore the Lost Hills. Read about the area in a book entitled "Black Gold", written in the 1940's the author described the earliest of California's oil prospectors. McKittrick was one of the towns mentioned. Will take a look and post photos during the week. It is going to be in the 90s here today so all this needs to be done before the sun is too strong or all you will see is the smog - in fact that may already be a problem as we've had several hot days. Then there is the problem with parts of Santa Barbara (on the coast) burning - don't know how much smoke has blown over the mountians. It all makes for a thick soup in terms of air quality. Then there will be a Mother's Day brunch at work for the Residents. New photos during the week...

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  1. I read about the Californian fires ... Seems as though your state was lucky this time. We had a terrible crisis in Victoria, Australia, earlier this year. It upset the entire nation and we got behind the thousands who had been directly affected - emotionally and with material help.

    I agree so much about trees - they're special people.